REB3L had its origins in the idea of rediscovering our true selves through the power and freedom in dance, whether it was uncovering the aspects of our identity that were lost or those we never realized existed. As our journey progressed, our REB3LNATION community played a pivotal role in our evolution, revealing that REB3L signifies more than just rediscovery; it's about reshaping our individual identities. This transformation extends beyond mere physical appearances; it encompasses an inner strength, an attitude, and a profound sense of confidence. This transformation is not only reflected in our company philosophy but also in the personal growth of our students, as we collectively redefine ourselves.

What truly sets us apart is the strong sense of community within this "movement." REB3Ls from all corners of the nation have connected through our dedicated Facebook group (#REB3Lnation) and participated in live local classes and events, forging bonds and supporting each other in their journeys. We are finding our path again, together.