REB3L started as a concept of reclaiming who we once were, or who we never knew we were. As we have grown, our REB3LNATION has helped us realize that REB3L is more than reclaiming, it’s about redefining who we are as individuals. Redefining the concept of what sexy is. It isn’t the way we look at our bodies. It’s an inner strength. It’s an attitude. A confidence… There’s a redefining of the company philosophy, but also for our studentsRedefining us as individuals.

Many in our REB3Lnation community come to us broken. This is a common thread. I lovingly call REB3L “the island of misfit toys.” It’s lost people finding their way again…TOGETHER. The community aspect to this “movement” is truly what sets us apart as not just a fitness brand. REB3Ls from across the nation have connected virtually through our FB group (#REB3Lnation), and in LIVE local classes.