When my gym started cancelling my intense mid morning “mom time” classes, I was really frustrated and started looking for something new. 9/10 friends told me to try Dance 101 but only do classes that had beginner or fitness in the title. I was so very intimidated, since I had never taken a serious dance class in my life. I really wanted the intensity that I had been doing before, and I was told to try Ashleigh’s class…because she’s the best!

It was the high intensity music which made my heart pound and even though I was lost in the choreo, I fell in love! There were only 10 people in the room who were really friendly and welcoming, and there was NOWHERE to hide! I started coming 2-3 times a week and the weight literally dripped off of me while I was doing what I loved.

Time flew by, and I wanted more. I started adding strength because it was good for me, and my friends were staying, so why not. I was 10 years post having twins, and the combo of groove and strength toned things I didn’t know could still be toned.

I lived for in person classes, the energy, hugs, music, and I felt like I was in a club having fun with my friends. Now I have been “quarantoning” for the past 5 months, and if REB3L gives it to me in a video, I WILL do it until the end. I am the strongest and most fit that I have ever been in my life at 46! I am REB3L!

I am so very grateful for everything REB3L has given me!

– Jen H.