I’m 53 years old and I’ve NEVER been someone who’s exercised on a regular basis. I’ve been overweight and very insecure most of my adult life. I’ve had brief active phases where I’ve either walked or jogged a lot but even then it was something I had to really talk myself into doing because I never wanted to put my shoes on and just go do it. The only exercise I ever did willingly was dance around my house … while no one was watching.


I’ve lived in Maryland all my life, but a year ago I moved to New Market, Maryland and there happened to be a little fitness studio in my neighborhood. I decided to check it out to see if anything might inspire me to get moving. There I found REB3L Groove and Susan Tate. Need I go on? Those of you who know Susan know that she can inspire and motivate ANYONE from the word go. Her enthusiasm about REB3L and her warm and welcoming attitude really made me feel comfortable and like I belonged there.

After my first class, I figured it was something I would probably really like if I stuck to it and learned the routines. Honestly most of it is not the kind of music that I choose to listen to on my own, but it was super fun to dance to. I went to classes only once a week for a month or two until everything started to “click” and once that happened, I never want to miss a class. Unless I’m out of town, I’m at every single class. Even when I go out of town, I take REB3L with me and pull up an online workout on my laptop. And not because I feel like I have to, but because I WANT to! If I could, I would go to REB3L every day.

There’s something about those moves – so empowering, confidence boosting, and fun! The songs play on a loop in my head ALL DAY LONG and I always want to do the moves even while I’m at work on my computer. I especially love any of the songs with power punches (Turn All The Lights On, Dirty Mind, Turn Up The Love). I lost nearly 25 pounds in the first 6 months of going to REB3L and my confidence has grown by leaps and bounds, so much so that now I don’t care who sees me dancing. I’m even confident enough now to go out of my comfort zone, put on a blue wig and walk around town with friends. I’ve met the most wonderful people in our Maryland REB3L tribe and I feel strong and confident every day.

I’m not sure where I’d be right now without REB3L but I don’t ever want to find out!

Thank you for sharing your story Diane! And thank you Susan Tate for inspiring her!
XO- Ashleigh, Tricia and Angela