“You’ve changed.”  We have both been told this with a heavy negative connotation since we have started our personal fitness journeys and created REB3L. In the beginning, that caused tremendous insecurity and made us second guess everything. It has taken us a long time to understand that WE ARE UNDER ZERO OBLIGATION TO STAY THE SAME IN THIS LIFE.

In fact, we are not meant to stay the same. Growth and change is something of which you should be incredibly proud. The next time someone tells you that you’ve changed as if it’s a negative thing (whether it’s a loved one, or someone you haven’t talked to in 10 years – we don’t care who it is), don’t judge them. Understand that their perception is limited, and it’s ok. They’re entitled to their opinion. It has nothing to do with you. Their perception of you is none of your business. Next, say “thank you.” Again, change and growth is something of which you should be proud. If you are working on your health (mental, emotional, or physical), or if you are hustling, grinding, trying to make shifts and changes in your life on any front, that’s hard work.

It IS painful when others can’t see this work, and it can be hard when it’s perceived negatively. But, it is pretty amazing. There may be times in your life when it feels like you’re changing alone, or that your circle is becoming smaller and smaller – and that’s ok too.  You will attract those into your life who are meant to be there and will grow and change with you, lift you up, and will champion your expansion. If you have people in your life that are making you feel less than, or unworthy, or at fault because you are changing and growing, that’s not the people you need surrounding you. We encourage you to use our #REB3Lnation community to connect with other like-minded individuals who share the same passions and goals. Also, be really comfortable with your own company and be confident in yourself. The more you work on true self love and change, the stronger you grow and become detached from the opinions of others.  THAT is freedom.