The REB3L experience has so many common threads that we really wanted to share! Whether they are redefining themselves, renewing their view of fitness or reshaping their bodies and minds-we are all one #REB3Lnation!  So why REB3L?  Here is one student’s story…

There are so many reasons that I love the Reb3l fitness program! I’ve decided to share my top 5:

1.  I actually love working out again! I look forward to my Reb3l Groove classes and plan my schedule around them. I haven’t sweat this much in so many years – the endorphin rush is amazing!

2.  Dancing is something I’ve always wished I could do but didn’t know how to. Groove classes have given me the chance to learn at my own pace, go all in and “shake it” without feeling embarrassed! There’s no judgement – just encouragement. It’s so much FUN!!

3.  Damn, I feel strong! When I added Reb3l Strength once or twice a week to groove class routine, I really noticed a difference in my body and the way I felt dancing. It feels wonderful to be getting both toning and strength as well as cardio from one fitness program. I like to golf (very recreationally) and when I do, I can really drive the ball far now that I’ve built some muscle.

4.  When I miss a class, it’s not a big deal. Because I subscribe to Reb3l online, I can access both Groove and Strength classes anytime. I do what I feel like when I’m on vacation or have a conflict with one of my regular classes. I don’t put pressure on myself to work out as much as I do while in my normal routine, but it’s always find myself doing something on Reb3l online while I’m away!

5.  My body feels awesome! I truly believe that Reb3l has made me healthier – both mentally and physically. It’s a huge de-stressor. I feel more energy, much less achy and stiff, and I rarely get sick. I have an autoimmune disease so I know I’m doing exactly what my body needs to stay in remission. Not only do I feel good physically, I feel good about myself. I feel sexy, I love the way my clothes fit – even when I’m just in my underwear!

I could seriously go on and on. But in a nutshell, I am forever grateful that I found Reb3l. I appreciate the enthusiasm and passion that Ashleigh and Tricia bring everyday. Thank you!