When it comes to your workouts, shoes DO make a difference!

I’ve tried so many pairs: running shoes, cross training, low impact, hybrids, you name it. Then, you have all the different brands to choose from on top of that. Too many choices! Just tell me what I need!

Here is what I love: high tops! Not only are they cute and kinda fun to wear, but they actually do serve a purpose. They offer great stability. We do quite a bit of jumping, sliding, hopping, turning and lateral movements in REB3L Groove and stRength workouts. This stability keeps my ankles in check.

I have come close to rolling my ankle one too many times. A lot of the high tops have a spin/pivot spot on the bottom of them. It looks just like it sounds: a small circle right at the ball of the foot. This allows you to turn and spin without putting too much pressure on your ankle and knee. Basically, it allows your foot and knee to move at the same time. That’s key. You don’t want to turn your knee and have your foot stick. That’s a knee injury just waiting to happen.

A sole that has less grip/traction is actually better in dance too. We want to stick as little as possible! With that being said, too much sliding isn’t good either…you don’t want to eat it on the dance floor 😉 I also love a nice, wide toe box. It’s comfortable and great for stability in those lateral movements. Just be careful not to get too bulky or heavy.

People have such individual needs when it comes to shoes. Adidas fit me best and are always a win, but that may be different for the next person. I think the basics of a pivot/spin spot, a higher support in the ankle, a wide toe box, and a lighter weight are essential to a good dance shoe.

You can always add inserts for added arch support too. When you buy them just make sure it’s ok with the store that you wear them around indoors and take them for a test run at your studio or on your home floors to make sure they work for you. Then, you don’t end up with a surplus of athletic shoes…like me 😉 Happy shoe shopping!