The REB3L experience has so many common threads that we really wanted to share! Whether they are redefining themselves, renewing their view of fitness or reshaping their bodies and minds-we are all one #REB3Lnation!  Our instructors have a special role, touching the lives of their students, inspiring them and helping them become new versions of themselves.

Elyssa was one of our very first instructors, this is her story:

I used to joke to my husband years ago that I was going to quit my job in Corporate America and become a Zumba instructor. He would laugh…nervously. I have always loved fitness. I have always loved to dance. However, besides the joking I never really thought of myself as a fitness instructor. Truthfully, I wasn’t ever consistent enough in any workout to even think about leading a fitness class. I was the girl that held 4 gym memberships, but never consistently went to one gym. A format would catch my attention and I would go for a few classes, get bored, quit. Rinse and Repeat.

Oddly enough, shortly after we moved to Castle Rock, CO and I started making those jokes, I found REB3L Groove.  I had finally found a class that I could take consistently. A class that I could really be challenged physically. A class that I could use to check out from my day for a minute when the day chewed me up and spit me out. It became an outlet. It became therapy. It became a place I could regroup. It was my place I could get lost in the music, reset my soul, and feel ready to go again. Some say that is crazy, that no workout can do that, but it can. I promise. I remember before they even began doing

Just over two years ago, I decided to do the first REB3L Groove Instructor Training. Let’s just say that my husbands’ nervous laugh got louder, because I was one step closer to making my joke a reality. It was not a perfect time, but I felt the pull to join this team of awesome instructors, inspire people through fitness that is fun and effective, and hopefully be able to expand the community of badass REB3Ls just like Tricia and Ashleigh have. I have officially had a class Downtown Denver for almost 2 years, and I could not have asked for a better community. Seeing someone spark,  My favorite thing to tell my new REB3Ls, is sweat is not created by perfection, so dance like no one is watching.

So, no, I have not quit my job (husband still laughs nervously…he’s not convinced I won’t one day ?). I actually love that due to my position Downtown, I have been able to bring this intensely fun workout to this area for many on their lunch. It has been humbling. I have learned a lot. It has most definitely been rewarding.