I write this with happy tears running down my face. I never knew that walking into this particular dance fitness class almost 10 years ago would have such a big impact on my life, my friends, my fitness, and my professional career. At the time, I didn’t know I was about to be part of something bigger, something so empowering that I could not explain it to others. They would have to experience it for themselves. I was part of not only watching, but being a part of this new company formed called REB3L. I never imagined where this would take me personally though.

I started in the back of that hot sweaty room not quite knowing what I was doing there. I wanted to be part of that cool group up front that were moving their bodies in ways that didn’t seem possible, but more important they were having so much fun and were looking so free. I had never had much coordination, nor any kind of dance experience. I just kept staying in the back where I was comfortable with the other rotating new people. That is where I stayed for many years to come.

Eventually I made friends, lots of friends. Those friends started moving up and reluctantly I followed. Some of those good friends started getting certified to teach REB3L themselves and I stood in admiration of how brave they were. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I attended a REB3L Experience class and the REB3L Groove instructor certification was right after. I decided to jump into this certification class with my friends that day. I still had no intention of teaching, I just thought I may learn how to up my game a little and have some fun in the meantime.

After certification and doing my teach backs, I started gaining the confidence that maybe I could at least sub a class and that is exactly what I did. A few months later, I got my big break to teach at a big corporate gym with my REB3L buddies. I taught once a week and added REB3L Strength to the mix which became a game changer for me. My confidence grew slowly and others in my class moved on to become instructors themselves. Inspiring others is when I felt I really broke out of my shell and started feeling excited and unstoppable.  I knew I could spread this kind of confidence and feeling to others!

I became strong mentally and physically. Those extra 30-40 lbs started dropping off which was an added bonus. I was able to go completely off all my prescription medication including hypothyroid meds. Mainly, I was able to feel this incredible sense of empowerment. If I could get up in front of a crowd and teach REB3L every week, I could do anything. I was even able to land my dream position in my Nursing career within months, thanks to this new confidence and REB3L connections.

I recently attended the first REB3L instructor retreat with the most amazing people I’ve ever known. It finally dawned on me that I do belong here in the front row. I feel now I can become one of these cool kids that can let go and have fun while getting an amazing work out. I have found what ignites me. I have found what fills my soul. I have found REB3L!

*Sandra is a Colorado REB3L Instructor at VASA.  We thank her for sharing her story!