The REB3L experience has so many common threads that we really wanted to share! Whether they are redefining themselves, renewing their concept of working out or reshaping their bodies or minds, we all have something in common! This is Dina’s story…

“Where do I start? I go to Vasa fitness and one day I noticed a class next to the normal exercise area. The area where you do use machines, weight lifting and the usual. The room was dark and sporting disco lights!
Well, of course I had to check it out! Unbeknownst to me, there was a REB3L Groove class that was about to begin. Naturally I went in and heard some fun, energetic music. I had never taken the class before, this was going to be a first for me. It was absolutely wonderful! So much fun! Very energetic! Some sassy dance moves! So many calories were burnt in one class and that was amazing to me! I came out of that class sweating like I hadn’t before. Instructors Erika, Shari and Sandra are motivators and so much fun!
Now that I have been doing the class, it has really motivated me to go and I can’t miss a class!….. at least on purpose…. Since I have been going I have lost 15 pounds and it is really a great attitude adjustment! I love REB3L Groove and will continue to go. I WILL nail dance moves to each song like a pro eventually. Haha!”

Written by Dina Day, who does know all the moves!