Stumbling upon Ashleigh’s REB3L Groove class in Atlanta was a life-transforming event for me. I instantly became hooked on the high-energy, exciting and challenging choreography and playlist. For a solid hour, I am focused on enjoying class, not worrying about my to-do list and getting a great workout. The class environment is non-judgmental and empowering, which encouraged me to keep coming back. I created a strong social network with fellow class goers who are now my Reb3l family. When I can’t attend class in person, I use the online classes to maintain my workout routine, although I miss my fellow Reb3ls.

The physical transformation became more evident when I participated in the Little Black Dress Challenge. Having the extra support and cheer from the online Reb3l community helped me to stay strong during a difficult food-trigger time of year. In six weeks, I dropped two dress sizes!

Size 8 Size 6

The next challenge I participated in was the core-centric Mid- Year Challenge. It’s so true that abs are made in the kitchen. It’s such a hard realization that you have to be just as mindful with your diet as you are with your workouts. For this challenge, I tracked everything I ate and reviewed the caloric intake and nutritional value. I transformed my perception of food and my expectations from eating mindlessly. I learned how to make better food choices, without feeling deprived of things I loved. I also learned that diet is life-long set of foods you choose to nourish your body. Rather than eating when I’m bored or stressed out, I started to think about what will power me through my day. In six weeks, I lost 3 inches!


The Back to You Challenge encouraged me to focus on muscle strength. I proudly wear ankle weights or resistance bands to Strength class. Just for fun, I also like to toggle between heavy and medium weights.

With REB3L, I have transformed my daily perspective from how to get through the day, to how I can conquer today. I have reclaimed my life by making the conscience decision to make myself a priority. I have renewed my dedication to an overall wellness program. I have reshaped my body, from a size 10 to a size 2. My muscle tone went from non-existent to solid strength.

I am utterly grateful for Ashleigh and Tricia for creating this thing I didn’t know I needed, but now cannot live without. The last stage of my transformation is going from student to instructor. I am so proud to share my love for REB3L with new students!