In June 2020 at 43yrs young, I became a REB3L Groove and Strength instructor without even trying a class. I just took the plunge and never looked back. I saw how this community-supported, inspired, and encouraged each other. The co-founders have created a genuine interest in helping others really find themselves and accomplishing their health and fitness goals. I listened to the co-founder’s journey and I was able to relate. I saw a little of me in each one of them. Joining REB3L and becoming an instructor has shown me what it means to be dedicated and consistent. It showed me to take care of myself and how important it is to put me, my mental health, my physical health, my self-care first. It showed me that I am worth every drop of sweat and I am worth becoming the best version of myself. It showed me that I too can help others in the genuine way that I have always wanted to help others. This is not a fitness program that tricks you into investing your time and money just so they can add it to their quota and forget you even joined. This is genuine, inspiring, this is real people that really care for their member’s hearts and well-being. This is REB3L, this is #reb3lnation !!! I have seen results in such a short period of time. So Imagine what kind of results I will have in a lifelong period of time. Becoming a REB3L will change your life for the better! Becoming a REB3L Instructor is a bonus!