Hi! My name is Sara Wittich and I am 58 years old. I am from a rural town in Mississippi and have five sisters all within a year or two apart in age. I am married to a lovely man from New York that I meet at a party in Atlanta and together we created two beautiful girls. When the children left home, I was depressed, slightly overweight and searching for an exercise regime that might help me recover from the doldrums of a stagnant life.
I found REB3L three years ago when I wandered into an almost empty studio and heard this incredible music and thought this should be fun. Ashleigh had just moved to Atlanta and was introducing REB3L to Dance 101. Now, 13 pounds smaller, certainly many REB3L friends richer, I am completely hooked on REB3L. I feel great, breath better, look better and have found a community that loves to laugh, dance and just have fun. I have so many friends becoming empty nesters and approaching an age where they feel they have to slow down. I am here to say the opposite is true, we need to accelerate our fitness, enjoy our lives and create lasting memories and friendship.
There is a connectivity to dance that makes REB3L different from a regular fitness program. When my friends and I are smiling (behind a mask now) and moving in sync, there is magic. You can’t feel bad when you are dancing! My REB3L friends are diverse. I don’t have any other group where I can be exercising next to a surgeon on my left and a bartender on my right. All are welcome and all are accepted. My REB3L friends are young, old, middle aged, different races and religions. What else could I be involved in where I can learn and grow from that kind of participation? Thank you to REB3L!!

Thank you ATL Sara!  You ARE REB3L! YOU are why we do what we do! XO-Ashleigh, Tricia and Angela