Throughout 2020 we have been overwhelmed with the growth of the REB3Lnation community! REB3Ls from across the nation have come together to support and uplift one another and the outpouring of love has brought tears to our eyes. We have decided to share some stories so that you can feel the power of REB3Lnation!

Here is Shannon’s story:

“Change only comes when the mind decides to overcome the body.”
My fitness journey started in college after gaining the typical “freshman 15,” or more like 30. Gaining this much weight caused me to become depressed and uncomfortable in my own skin. I never wanted to leave my dorm room and started to isolate myself from others because I was embarrassed with how I looked. I started to try and be more active, however I struggled with finding a workout that I could enjoy enough to stay committed to. Once I graduated, I found Zumba which was the first platform I felt I could connect to. Shortly after attending regular classes, I became a Zumba instructor and that’s when I started to see the pounds shed. I taught Zumba for 4 years and while I loved it and was making progress in my physical health, I still felt like I wanted something more and different. In 2016, my sister in law invited me to go try a Reb3l class. I remember walking into a room with the lights off and mimosas being handed out and remember thinking what kind of workout is this? As I got settled in the class and watched Tricia turn on the music and start dancing, I smiled and knew this was what I had been looking for and my heart was full! I turned to my sister in law after the class and told her I was going to become a reb3l instructor. I just loved everything about reb3l, from the music to the choreography to the fact that instructors faced the mirrors to provide for a more inclusive and less intimidating environment, I knew I was meant to pursue this. Which is exactly what I did, I waited patiently and patiently until the first Instructor training was offered and when I saw that one was being offered in March 2018 I signed up right away! Since then I have also become a Reb3l strength trainer. (Side note, did the training when I was less than 2 weeks out of giving birth to my first son, that’s how committed I was. I remember telling my husband that I was unwilling to miss the training and wait for the next one ha! He told me I was crazy, he was right, I was officially a crazy, committed Reb3l). Since being an instructor I have gained muscle tone and lost the last of my 10 lbs, bringing me from 155lbs in college to 125Ibs now. Instructing allows me to stay committed to my fitness journey and also inspire and motivate others. I love the community Reb3l provides and the personal Reb3l community I have been able to build in Northern Colorado. Reb3l has been and continues to be a huge part in my fitness journey and I am so glad I am able to be apart of this amazing community! I am so thankful everyday that my sister in law invited me to my initial Reb3l class. I honestly don’t think I’d be as confident or as fit as I am today without Reb3l.

Currently, as it changes, my favorite groove song is Church. It just makes my heart happy whenever the song turns on and I can’t help but go all out!

My favorite strength song is Be MY Reb3l, because it’s the one song that is the hardest and most challenging for me to get through. This song pushes me to continue to want to work on continuing to tone up in order to get through the song without struggle.

Written by the SPECTACULAR Shannon from Colorado!  You ARE REB3L and we are so grateful you are part of the TEAM! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts! XO-Ashleigh, Tricia and Angela