Since I was too young to understand what body image meant, I have struggled with my self-confidence, mental and physical health and overall body image. I have been on every fad diet and have tried out various workouts. Giving up and starting over was my normal. Over the years, my weight has been all over the place, up and down based on what was going on in that season of life and how I was taking care of myself. Consequently, my mental and physical health was all over the place too.
After a season full of stress and very limited time for my own self-care, I found myself twenty pounds overweight, with a habit of overeating and drinking to deal with my feelings. I woke up one day and realized how unhappy and honestly miserable I felt. Enough was enough, I needed a serious change.
During my attempts at working out at the gym, I had found myself watching this group of women having fun while working out. Wait, can working out be fun? Can working out be something we get to do, rather than have to do? I mustered up the courage to take the Reb3l strength class. Leaving the class I felt energized, powerful, fearless, proud, strong, all the things that I had not felt in years. The music and energy in the room filled my soul and I was definitely going back.
For the next few months, I went to every REB3L stRength class that I could attend. I started losing weight and gaining confidence. I started to recognize a part of the myself that I did not even realize I had missed so desperately. In all honesty, I was terrified to go to Reb3l Groove because I had not danced since high school and did not want to make a complete fool of myself, but as things have a funny way of working themselves out, the gyms were closed down and I was forced to start working out at home. At home, I had the courage to try Groove, and again found myself hooked. With each workout, I smiled bigger and sweat more. I was laughing, singing, and finding my inner bad ass.
I joined the Reb3l SOS challenge for accountability, but found so much more. The challenge pressed my limits and forced me outside of my comfort zone. I had to look within, dig deep to parts of myself I had not explored in years, and work through being vulnerable and fearless. I pushed myself physically and mentally, and I was able to do it because of the supportive REB3L community. I found acceptance, encouragement, support, and more. I not only lost 20 pounds during the challenge, I gained a new life. Through REB3L I have improved my self-confidence, embraced a respectful and loving body image, pursued challenges without fear, and have committed to a healthy lifestyle. I am forever grateful for finding REB3L and the community that has embraced me.

Written by the AMAZING Adriel from Colorado!  You ARE REB3L! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts! XO-Ashleigh, Tricia and Angela