Blood, sweat, and tears? Yeah. But, the laughs and victories far outweigh any of that. Our road to REB3L has been an incredible journey. It’s not very often in life when you are presented with an opportunity to do what you LOVE for a career, and get to share your passion with other people. Pinch me. When Ashleigh and I started Groove several years ago, we would joke (and maybe even dream) about how we could just dance for a living. And here we are.

When Ashleigh announced that she was moving back to her family in Atlanta this past winter, my world screeched to a halt. I don’t handle change well. I never have. Everything in my world at the time was changing…now this??? Nothing looked the same for me in my life. And now my #1 supporter was leaving me. Any of us that have best friends…and I’m talking, BEST FRIENDS…understands that feeling of loss. And what did this mean for Groove…would it die? We were terrified for the future of our “baby.”

But, life always opens the right doors at the right times. The trick is to trust those open doors and have the courage to walk through them. Ashleigh and I were presented with the chance of a lifetime from our now business partner, Angela Carlson. It was time to take Groove to a new level. Instead of the death of Groove, REB3L was born. It was time for our “baby” to grow up. It was exciting, and it was scary. Unknowns always are…

Throughout the summer we wrote all new choreography, chose new music, named and fine-tuned our toning format (stRength), developed logos, played with merchandising, built a website…the list goes on. The hours were long, and at times, exhausting.

Our baby is becoming a business. And, guess what? We are dancing for a living. And we now get to share our story…and classes with you.