I love REB3L!!

I’m a workout at home kind of gal! My life as a working mom of 3, is way too busy for me to get to the gym or classes regularly – so pretty much, if I can’t do it at home, I’m not going to do it.
I’ve loved moving my body, dancing and working out since I was little. So, working out isn’t new to me. But I’ve never been a great dancer and as far as learning routines – forget it! As I got older and busier beyond the occasional dance party with my kids in the living room and kitchen when they were little, I’d stopped dancing completely.

A friend was smitten by REB3L and got me to try a class. From that first moment I stepped in the dark room, with the music pounding and everyone sweating together, I knew I LOVED this format. However, I was totally intimidated by the routines. I was tripping over my feet, felt embarrassed and discouraged. What kept me going was that I could access classes online and do them at home.

After my first class, I plugged in online to check it out and began tripping over my feet in the privacy of my own home. I got to the point where I was either going to quit or I had to amp it up. I decided to dig in and for one week all I did was the Learn to Groove videos – over and over. It worked! After that week I was able to go to an in-person class and didn’t trip over my feet, quite as much. I was hooked!

I love that I can do REB3L anywhere – and I have! I’ve done it on the beach, on friend’s porches, overlooking lakes, in hotel rooms and fitness centers, and on cruise ship decks – all because of the online format! I love the new material that comes in every month and I now look forward to learning it.
Eventually, I did the teacher training because I wanted to amp up my REB3L workouts and knowledge. And, some day, I might want to teach and share this gift that has added so much to my life and my workouts. I dance again and look forward to dancing everywhere I go. And, maybe some day I’ll inspire others to do the same with REB3L!

Written by Julie, who is a rockstar at home, on the road and in class!!