Let me start by saying I have never been a dancer.  As a kid I was overweight and chubby. My parents even gave me a gym membership when I’m was 12, and, believe me, I didn’t ask for it. 

In college I tried to get into “shape”and took one interpretive dance class.  I really had no idea what that even meant and unfortunately, failed miserably.  All 5 of my roommates were dance majors and they told me to join the dance club they were starting.  One of my roommates was the president of the club and said I was a total shoo-in but still had to audition.  After the audition, guess who wasn’t a shoo-in after all.  Me.  And guess who had no rhythm.  Or confidence.  Again me!

Fast forward to fall 2017, I’m a suburban mom of three kids (yes, driving a minivan) and teaching POUND in Parker and Castle Rock.  It was in Castle Rock that I discovered a dance class unlike any I’d had ever seen.  I had done a few Zumba classes and had since found “rhythm” from POUND but I was still intimidated by any “dance” formats.  With  it being dark with club lights I thought REB3L Groove looked really fun.  I managed to drag a friend along for mental support and we literally laughed our butts off at each other the whole time. We seriously stunk at it!  However, I still thought it was so fun and wanted to look like the other girls in class that knew all the moves! I wondered how they know all the moves so well ?! 

It wasn’t until Tricia, Angela and her beautiful daughter ended up in my POUND class that my fitness routine was transformed.  I found out they were the founders of that class, REB3L Groove.  They invited me to join another class since my first experience was something to laugh at (in a good way).  So, of course, I went to  Tricia’s class and was instantly hooked. I would make the 30+ min trek to her class a few times a month.  I got addicted fast.

Then I got pregnant.  I decided to go ahead with the REB3L Groove instructor training 3 months along and just danced my whole pregnancy, as painful and uncomfortable as it sometimes was.  It definitely helped me bounce back fast, especially as I’m pushing 40.

It wasn’t until January of 2019 that I officially started teaching in Parker Colorado at a small gym called Parker X.  Since then I’ve seen my body transform and the fat slowly melt off.  Believe me my body hangs onto its fat!  I added REB3L Strength too which helped me transform tremendously!

I call REB3L my drug because it’s the only workout I’ve done that gives me the physical and mental high every time after class, whether I’m a student or teacher.

As a busy mom of 4 kids who homeschooled last year with a new baby, I still made sure to take time for myself.  REB3L was my time!  I was able to learn so many of the moves all in the privacy of my basement using the online program.  It makes a big difference going to class knowing the moves! Now I finally feel like those girls I saw in Castle Rock!  It’s given me so much confidence and I’m now dancing on stage at events as a REB3L! 

Never in a million years would you see the old me doing that!  I’m so grateful for the community and friendships I’ve developed from REB3L!  I am very excited to see more transformation in the future.  My journey is just starting.  I’m finally reaching goals I’ve had for myself for so long (like seeing any abs )!  I hope my story and pictures can help inspire others to know that it is possible!!  If my college roommates could see me now!