It’s not always easy to connect with a teenage daughter, but REB3L Fitness user Angela thinks dancing with her daughter has brought them closer together. Check out her story below:

I love spending time with my teenage daughter most of the time. However, I’m not sure she always feels the same. Trying to find common interests and activities has proven to be a challenge. Yes, we spend a lot of time in the car together running between school and extracurricular activities, we travel as a family, and hang out in the evening watching tv together, but I wanted something that I could do with my daughter that we both looked forward to and enjoyed together.

As a parent of a teenage daughter, I worry about her self esteem, self confidence, and building a positive body image. So, in my quest to find a joint mother-daughter activity, I thought sports would be beneficial.

We tried golf, only to find that it’s a “boring old person sport” (or so I was informed.) Turns out, playing tennis with your mom isn’t so cool either. Running worked for about a week, until we both decided that wasn’t an activity either one of us enjoyed.

Eventually, we moved on to some more traditional gym activities. We tried yoga, a toning class, and pilates. Classes were full of women my age and there were no young ladies her age in sight. I was about to give up when one evening at the gym we heard loud, fun music coming from a group fitness room. The lights were out and you could see a disco ball twirling. We entered our first REB3L Groove class and found our activity.

As Jennifer Lopez told us to “Live It Up” over the sound system, we did. The music was loud, and people of all ages were dancing and sweating and smiling. Better yet, no one even noticed when we entered class. They were all doing their own thing. Groove has become a part of our lives. We dance together in the kitchen, out at the mall (yes, in public!) and anywhere we hear a Groove song. My son has even started to identify certain songs as “Groove songs.”

With the chaos of juggling work, other children’s activities, and just taking care of my family, it has become difficult for us to get to the gym to take Groove. So, when REB3L Groove became available in an online streaming format, we gave it a try. It’s great because we can work out whenever we want and we can even take Groove with us when we travel.

We now dance together at home 2-3 times a week and have even started doing REB3L Strength videos together. REB3L has become an important part of our lives, and one that has strengthened my relationship with the most important young lady in the world: my daughter.