I have and will always love to dance, but I never expected that it could change an estranged relationship in my life. I have made many friends throughout my fifteen years of dancing, but none of them are as special as the one that happened this past summer. It all started with an invitation to dinner with my dad and my older sister, Kristen. I have a great relationship with my dad but my relationship with Kristen was another story.
          From the moment I was born I looked up to her and wanted to be just like her. My earliest memories of her were the times that I would have to sit very still so she could paint my nails. She would also take me trick-or-treating and dress up in costumes with me. I always wanted to see her and spend time with her. We had a great relationship for most of my first years of life. When I reached High School, she taught me how to shave my legs and to deal with puberty. I would get excited when she went through her closet and give me the clothes that didn’t fit her anymore. The clothes she gave me would make me feel like I could be exactly like her, I mean after all I was wearing her clothes! She taught me about designer jeans and to this day I can still tell what brand of jeans someone is wearing by the design on the back pocket! I have so many great memories with her and it would take a couple years, at least, to tell them all. It seemed like we were always together! She was my best friend, my free personal trainer, my hairstylist, and my nail technician.
          However, once I got into my teen years, life started to become a lot busier. I was assigned more homework, started going to a youth group, and continued going to the dance classes I had started when I was six years old. Kristen was going through a tough time with a relationship and I wanted to be there for her, but after I saw how much and how many times the man had hurt her emotionally, it started to wear on me. I knew she deserved so much better, but what really got to me is that she didn’t think she deserved better. When she was with him at the end of their relationship she just wasn’t the sister I used to have. I didn’t know what to do, but every day I would dislike that man more and more, to the point where I didn’t want to be around him. Kristen was still dating him, so when I was done being around him, I also stopped seeing her. For the next four years, we didn’t speak very much at all. I had invited her to my High School graduation and my wedding. Other than that, we didn’t speak or see each other.
          Just a couple months ago, I accepted an invite from my dad, to go to dinner with him and Kristen. I was worried that it was going to be awkward and uncomfortable, after all I hadn’t really talked or seen her in years. Much to my surprise, dinner went great! In fact, we talked over my dad the entire time, leaving him to watch TV. We were able to catch up and she even invited me to her birthday celebration, which was a REB3L GROOVE class. When she told me that the class used dancing as exercise I knew I had to go check it out! That one birthday celebration class is all I needed; I knew that REB3L GROOVE was something that I didn’t want to live without. I have never liked working out, but this class didn’t feel like a workout at all. It was a class to let go of the stress that I was holding and just dance. The best part is that REB3L GROOVE brought my sister and I back together. It is something that we both love and something that we can do together multiple times a week! Now, we ride together to every class and have picked up right where we left off four years ago. Our relationship came back so easily and I am so grateful for our renewed relationship! I love that my passion for dancing helped bring my sister and I back together.  
Jessica M.