They say it takes 21 days to break a habit and for a new one to start to form. That means that change doesn’t happen overnight. So, when you’re talking about finally committing to a fitness routine (for the 1,000th time), it’s important to remember that consistency is key!

But staying consistent isn’t always easy. Life quickly gets in the way and most times, the first thing to go to the back burner is self care.

Remember – you’ve got to take care of yourself first before you can serve others at your very best. That means taking the time to commit to your health and fitness. The first step? COMMIT! Once and for all.

Here are five steps you can take to commit to a fitness routine:


If you only have 30 minutes in the morning before you leave for work, or just a 30 minute lunch break, focus on what you can do in those 30 minutes. Go for a walk, do a few REB3L Groove workouts, or even a few of our REB3L Strength moves. Once you get in the habit of doing your physical activity for those 30 minutes, it will get easier and easier until it becomes part of your daily routine.


Find a friend who has similar fitness goals and work together to stay accountable. Find a neighbor who can meet you outside in the morning for a 30 minute jog, or have your friends come over for a REB3L Groove dance party. If you make plans with someone else, then you can both hold each other accountable. After all, it’s one thing to cancel on yourself, but it’s a lot harder to cancel on someone else!


If you hate running, don’t run! Can’t stand yoga? Don’t do it! There are so many options available, that you’re sure to find something you enjoy. In fact, that’s why we created REB3L! We wanted a workout that was different from anything else we tried at the gym, and we actually wanted to have fun working out. Now, our REB3L users are realizing that fitness can be challenging AND fun at the same time. Cool, huh?


Treat your workout time as if it were a dentist appointment. If you cancel, you’ll have to wait months to get back in, right? It’s kind of a pain, so you do everything in your power to keep the appointment. Same goes for your workouts! That time is sacred, and it is yours. Don’t feel bad about creating a schedule and sticking to it.


As you follow the steps above, you’ll begin to notice that you start to look forward to your workouts, and you’ll start to see results! Take note of when you’re able to go deeper in a squat or deeper in a stretch, or when you get less winded during a cardio workout. That’s your body changing and getting stronger! Celebrate every small victory, and take note of every bit of progress you see. Then, those times when you’re feeling stressed and you don’t want to work out, you can go back to your fitness diary and look at how far you’ve come. That should give you the motivation to push yourself even further!

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xo The REB3L Team

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