Remember Ashleigh’s fun sleeveless hoodie from the REB3L Groove videos? Well, believe it or not, she made that hoodie herself! We got so many comments from our REB3L Nation asking about this sweatshirt that we decided to share with you step by step instructions so you can make one of your very own. Keep reading for the full how-to for this sleeveless sweatshirt tutorial. Or, you can watch our video! There’s also a pinnable image at the bottom of this post so you can save it on Pinterest for later. Have fun!



STEP 1: Choose a hoodie that is form fitting with ribbing at the bottom. This will help with the shirt staying in place on your hips after cutting. Cutting will make the hoodie much looser.

STEP 2: Lay the hoodie on a flat surface and smooth out, matching up seams to make the cuts even on both sides.

STEP 3: Cut off the long sleeves, starting with one side from the waist area to the shoulders.

STEP 4: Fold in half to create a pattern to cut the other side evenly.


STEP 5: Flip over and cut straight across the back at the bottom of the waist cut. This will create a “flap.”

STEP 6: At the shoulders, cut across from one shoulder to the next, following under the seam that attaches the hood to the body of the jacket.

STEP 7: Clean up the edges if needed. 

STEP 8: Post a photo to Instagram and be sure to show us how you rock your new sleeveless/backless hoodie!

xo Tricia and Ashleigh