I have been doing REB3L Groove for over three and a half years now and I will never find a more well-rounded class. Between the amazing choreography, energizing music, and all the members of the class, the atmosphere of REB3L Groove is unbeatable. This class is seriously for anybody! I came into Groove with absolutely no dance experience, but it didn’t take long to catch onto the moves. Each class is also very unique because there are hundreds of different dances the teachers can lead; therefore, every class is different. There is no specific age group or gender that Groove is geared toward either, so the environment is very welcoming to anyone willing to come in and just dance. The amount of calorie burn per class is insane and the results that come from it can start showing within a matter of weeks. One of the best parts of this class is that you are putting in so much work, but you are distracted by how fun it is that it doesn’t feel like a workout at all!
A year and a half ago, I moved up to Boulder to attend the University of Colorado and I was so upset that I was leaving my REB3L family. I really struggled to find a class at school that compared to the intensity of a workout that Groove is; all the classes are strength based with just a few cardio classes. However, in September of 2017 I got the opportunity to become certified to teach Groove! This was so exciting because not only could I start doing Groove again, but I could bring it up to Boulder and introduce it to college students. This format is so perfect for this demographic because the music is very current, exhilarating, and people from Boulder highly value their health.
I am SO excited to start teaching REB3L Groove because I am enthusiastic about every aspect of the format. I adore it and I am so ready to bring it to a new community who will adopt it well and will love it too. It changed my life and I hope that I can host a class that will do the same for so many more in Boulder. 🙂