COVID got me teaching REB3L, finally! I love teaching and fitness however I couldn’t imagine how I was ever going to be able to get it together enough to teach REB3L, when I took the teacher training last fall!

As COVID wore on, I started dreaming of dancing with others again but wasn’t ready to head back into the studio – I started to picture dancing with neighbors and friends – outside!

Once the idea took hold, there was no shaking it off…I had to teach! I emailed friends in the neighborhood that I knew had done some REB3L, too, and we got a group together to fill up the 5 sections that were naturally outlined by cracks on my driveway.

When I thought about charging, all I could think about was how grateful I was for the space and time that COVID had given me to dedicate myself to this REB3L adventure! I was acutely aware that many people during this time were not as blessed. So, I started to think about how I could give back.

I also wanted everyone/anyone who wanted to dance to be able to join in the REB3L fun! So, I created a “Pay as You Can” fee structure and decided that I would donate ½ of my earnings to the Atlanta Community Food Bank.

In just about a month the “Driveway REB3LS” donated over $200 ($202.50) to the Atlanta Community Food Bank! Every $1 donated at the time, provided enough food for 4 meals! That means they provided over 800 meals to Atlanta!

And, we are still at it – dancing and donating!

Thanks so much, REB3L – you are a gift!!




Julie, this is what REB3lL is about-supporting each other in times of need!  We thank you and are so proud of this ATL crew! XO-Ashleigh, Tricia and Angela