My fitness journey started before I found REB3L. I was working out with a private trainer three days a week coupled the trainer with the state of slim diet. As long as I never steered from a restrictive diet and continuously busted my butt in the gym, I saw minor changes. In the midst of trying to get in shape, I experienced a life changing event.
I quit the gym, trainer and diet. Trying to find a purpose and a new identity, I joined Trufit. My adult daughter and I met at the gym a couple of times a week, tried the equipment and some classes. I was still frustrated and not seeing results. My daughter suggested we try this interesting class, REB3L Groove. When I walked in I thought oh no, not only no, but hell no. I never let my kids listen to that music growing up and you want me to gyrate???
After an hour of tripping over my own feet my daughter asked “well?” I agreed to one more class. I asked Tricia to work one on one with me to help me learn some of the steps and immediately joined online. I was hooked!
Fast forward to a year ago, a coworker asked me “what’s this” as she swirled her finger around. “You look incredible!” My response, “the result of living a happy life! It’s a REB3L thing”. Some participate for the community, which is incredible. It’s awesome to be out and see another REB3L who you don’t know but instantly connect with because of a hat or shirt. Me, I participate because I have never felt better, had more fun, and had more confidence in myself.
To all who ask, I say try REB3L, the only thing you have to lose is self doubt, and many pounds. I’ve gone from a 12 to a size 4, eating like a REB3L I’ve been able to come of medications I thought I would be on for a lifetime. Tricia, Ashleigh, and Angela, thank you for helping me to find the best version of myself. Tricia, you are the most incredible bad ass I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. Thank you for reminding me that my knees need to be at my ears when I’m dancing and for teaching me to be kind to myself. XOXO

Written by the LOVELY Lynne from Colorado!  A REB3L through and through! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts! XO-Ashleigh, Tricia and Angela