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Dont’worry,no experience is needed!
Why REB3L Groove, why now? As a REB3L Groove Instructor you will inspire others through dance, open their eyes to the possibility of reclaiming part of themselves that may be lost. You will renew your students’ view of fitness while helping them reshape their bodies and souls. Movement + music= magic. When exciting recognizable music is mixed with easy to follow, intense choreography the result is a kick ass group fitness class. When a REB3L Groove Instructor asks their class if they want ‘one more song’ the answer is yes, even when they are drenched in sweat. Our goal is to channel your passion for dance into a fitness format that will create a community of strong, empowered individuals. We will give you new choreography monthly, help you market your business, create a global community and provide all the tools you need to be successful. Together we can create life changing fitness experiences one class at a time, and that time is NOW.
Training Specifics

Dance Class

Followed by an
8 hour training day

Teach-back video submitted
within 6 months after training


You will be charged $25/month to maintain your licensure, this will give you full access to our Instructor site. Receive all the latest choreo as well as an archived library, pre-made playlists to take the work out of teaching, specialized Instructor only gear and a ton of tips and tricks to make your class the BEST part of everyone’s day!
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Stay up to date on new choreography, and upcoming instructor trainings. We want to share some fun tips and tricks for staying strong and sexy. We also love to give you BTS sneak peaks.

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