Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I stream content?
What equipment do I need for Strength?
Online Subscription/Billing Information

Subscriptions are billed on a recurrent basis, every 30 days from the date you join.  You can cancel your membership at any time through your online account.

I’m not sure I can do Groove! I’m not good at dancing. How can I learn?

The REB3L Groove and REB3L Fit subscription options include additional “Learn to Groove” videos for each song that help break down the choreography, making the routines easier to learn…which makes your workout more effective!

How often is the content updated?

New content is added to your online subscription on a monthly basis. In addition, we will be adding additional bonus choreography every month on our Youtube channel and on social media:




Do you offer classes live?

Yes! There’s nothing quite like experiencing a Live REB3L class!


Currently, Ashleigh teaches Groove and Strength classes at Dance 101 in Atlanta, GA and Alpharetta, GA.


Tricia teaches Groove and Strength classes at Canyon Fitness in Castle Rock, CO.

*New classes and locations will be added soon with the launching of our REB3L Instructor Program (RIP).  More information coming soon!

How can I become an instructor?

We are beginning our instructor certification program Fall 2017.  Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on the program and future trainings!

How should I use Groove and Strength for the optimal workout?

We recommend starting with realistic goals if you are new to working out.  Begin with 2 Groove classes and 1 Strength class per week.  Work up to 3 Groove classes and 2 Strength classes weekly to see your optimal results.  If you do not have time for a full hour cardio workout, we have provided intense 30 min Groove classes online.  You also have the ability to choose the full 60 min Strength class, Strength by body “zones,” and single Strength routines to build your custom workout

How Do I Cancel My Membership ?

Yes, a subscriber can cancel and perform other actions on their subscriptions via theMy Account page.